“…In the middle of this storm, universities that continue to glorify mediocrity and impose compliant thinking are condemned to perish. These victims of the storm may still consider that is safer to shut their eyes and stay comfortable within the limits of the status quo. After all, this is what has worked well for the last century. However, on the day after the storm, higher education will be anything but comfortable. The era of compliance and contentment is over!”

A long, relevant and timely article about why it’s time to open our eyes to the depth of change facing universities. One person’s perspective, but a good one. The need to move beyond the status quo in our thinking, and open our minds to what is possible rather than what is, has long been a topic of mine. We have to unlearn and let go of the past to recognise possible futures ahead of us.

These few quotes don’t do justice to this article, read it yourself and heed the messages.

Scanned via http://popenici. com 5 December 2012 at 6.01pm